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VIP Terp Sauce – Sugar Black Rose – Indica


(34 customer reviews)

Sugar Black Rose, also known as “Black Sugar Rose,” is an indica-dominant hybrid marijuana strain made by crossing Critical Mass with Black Domina. Sugar Black Rose has a sweet taste with hints of fruit and fresh flowers. The aroma takes on a pungent, earthy musk that resembles exotic hash imported from overseas, and brings with it a relaxing body buzz that helps keep nausea, anxiety, and muscle pains at bay. 


Effects: Happy, Relaxed, Sleepy
May Relieve: Pain, Nausea, Depression, Insomnia, Anxiety, Stress
Flavours:  Sweet, Rose, Flowery

34 reviews for VIP Terp Sauce - Sugar Black Rose - Indica

  1. Perry (verified owner)

    I would bathe in this stuff if I could. I was thinking to myself the other day what could make it all go away for a bit… THIS STUFF! I think I have found my soul mate. Love it!!

  2. romansgirl (verified owner)

    Great taste & buzz! Definitely buy again

  3. jafowler (verified owner)

    Had to get it again, it’s so good and the price is spot on. Cheers

  4. rdyer29 (verified owner)

    Nice and clean smooth reminds me of honey oil

  5. matthill0045 (verified owner)

    really surprised with how good this terp sauce stuff is, im defiantly going to be buying more later on

  6. dragonheartjoe (verified owner)

    Super potent. Very smooth and tastes great.

  7. ouelletjeff

    very tasty hit like a rock

  8. dragonheartjoe (verified owner)

    Another amazing product. Nice and spicy and piney

  9. stevegates4201 (verified owner)

    Good stuff but it has been a bit since I’ve ordered this one so I’m excited to see the new stock always good tho really tasty stuff 👅 💦

  10. gbuz420 (verified owner)

    Wow just wow spiced, peppery zesty. Did I say wow

  11. jafowler (verified owner)

    Ohhhh Yeaaaahhhh! Hit’s great in a double bubbler.

  12. jela0990 (verified owner)

    Really sticky, but good try while on sale

  13. sarah_l_bridge (verified owner)

    Very very good flavor! Very piney out the nose

  14. mwn05tjn06 (verified owner)

    great stuff

  15. Dylan Edward (verified owner)

    Very potent stuff and love the taste of it. Absolutely a must-try!

  16. zaynesmom04 (verified owner)

    Great price and does the job!! Bought on sale

  17. leposuction (verified owner)


  18. fortierfranco9 (verified owner)

    Terp sauce is as good as it gets, without thought I can say that . Still yet to give something a full five stars. Still my first choice for the best thing you can smoke

  19. tealight333 (verified owner)

    Spectacular! Top Notch

  20. holesmasher13 (verified owner)

    Very runny, makes it a little harder to use but it hits like a truck when it lands in the bowl.

  21. fortierfranco9 (verified owner)


  22. fortierfranco9 (verified owner)

    Best thing a ever smoked by far . L would give it six stars

  23. fortierfranco9 (verified owner)

    It’s the best of the best, nothing compares, best thing I ever tried

  24. miniipod33 (verified owner)

    Very nice taste and buzz 👌

  25. ericayotte1081 (verified owner)

    One word to describe it would be amazing 🤩

  26. stevepatry1000 (verified owner)

    buzz very nice clam stone taste 9 sweet texture liquide i smoke on bong 🙂

  27. spear885 (verified owner)

    Tastes amazing

  28. Donny (verified owner)

    Great taste and flavour.. having a handy way to smoke or vape helps as it’s a very thick liquid so a bit more challenging handling it. Nice stuff..will buy again.

  29. Mirandaborialis (verified owner)

    I put some on a rolling paper and make an extra special joint!

  30. stevegates4201 (verified owner)

    Mix this with diamonds 💎 you can get then cheaper on hautes vip menu 🤘🏻 Tasty stuff 😃

  31. chris.stone760 (verified owner)

    awesome product!

  32. brandonarsenault070 (verified owner)

    Taste amazing it’s a great high especially if ur looking for something to smoke before bed

  33. stefan_kolesnikoff

    Really good

  34. curtis.gibson

    Looks yummy

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